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January 29, 2008


Kathleen Wynne

I totally agree with Mr. Petty. Obama is an excellent speaker, but it's going to take more than words and hope to clean up the mess left by Bush.

The progressives are supposed to be the free thinkers and not fall for the propaganda which has been spewed against Hillary for the last 15 years, but they are falling for it like a bunch of sheep!

Why anyone would think that such an aggressive campaign to demonize this woman is not due to her ability to bring real "change" and stop the right wing agenda to break the back of the middle class and hold us hostage to corporate power and wealth is beyond me.

I will not turn my back on the one person I believe has the ability and the will power to take them on. Obama will either be destroyed by them or become one of them because he does not have the wherewithall to handle this right wing machine. I refuse to sacrifice the future of my country for someone who is simply not qualified to handle the job. Sorry, Obama, maybe in 8 years, if you can actually do something that shows that your words are more than just words.

I believe this formidable woman will make yet another come back and the media will minimize it, because they've made it clear that they want a male, any male, to be in the most powerful job in the world.

Not this time, guys. Too much is at stake and we need a qualified person to sit in the oval office this time around, if we want to save our country.

John Petty

I'm with you Kathleen! Thanks for stopping by. It's a rather thing to find a pro-Hillary blog in the blogosphere.

John Petty

Oops! Should be "rather rare thing" above.



Here is Pastor Wright's 'Black Value System'
posted at his website. This is what Barak Obama
pledged an oath to for the past 20 years:

Pastor Wright gave Louis Farakan a life time
achievement award. Here is what Louis Farakan believes:
Posted at his own website.


John Petty

Hi Howard, thanks for the visit.


If we want Hillary Clinton to become President in 2012 Barack Hussein Obama needs to lose this election.

If Obama wins and does well as President, then in 2012 people will just re-elect him and not vote for Hillary Clinton.

If Obama does horrible as President, then people will not vote for Democrats and will just vote for Republicans.

Thus, the McCain/Palin ticket has to win to ensure that Hillary Clinton becomes President in 2012.

On top of that, Sarah Palin as Vice President would excite more confidence towards people in having Hillary Clinton as President in 2012.

More and more prominent Hillary Clinton supporters are supporting McCain/Palin'08.

John Petty

Not this one.

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