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February 16, 2008


von Gunten

One unexpected in a collar: I was at O'Hare airport about to succumb to the flu, when the airline security guy directs me from the full traffic line to the virtually free line.

Wow, I thought, what a great day to be wearing the collar...until I discovered this was the "full search" line, as all religious clerics were under suspicion of not being who they appeared or fanatical fundamentalists.

I was spared the rubber glove treatment, but I am reminded of a line by Chevy Chase in the movie "Fletch" - after a "behind the scenes exam" the doctor admits to finding nothing to which Chevy replies, "Certainly not for a lack of looking."

John Petty

O'Hare is especially tvetchy about that kind of stuff. If I remember correctly, the president of some college--Carthage?--got arrested at O'Hare.

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