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February 26, 2008


Dan Hays

Good post, John. It seems the old Nixon hands employed in the Bush administration have taken that "enemies list" chapter from the old playbook and have run farther with it than Nixon did.
Siccing the IRS on supposed enemies, using the FBI and CIA to spy on them--hey, now we have more telecoms to work with--these are the old, creepy standards taken to new, creepier levels. And this time there is no Fourth Estate to hold them accountable.

John Petty

I posted the transcript of the speech. It's pretty tame. There are a couple of references to things he'd do as president, but nothing overt.

susan russell

Thanks for this ... as a member of the staff at All Saints, Pasadena I have to say I'm horrified that the battle we've fought continues to rage!

John Petty

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the drop-by. We promoted All Saints here also. In fact, if I remember correctly, I made a donation to your defense fund.

Incidentally, the name of my church is All Saints too--Lutheran though.

Stop by again.

pax, jp


Who says the IRS has NOT investigated Dobson, Kennedy, Falwell, or other conservatives?

IRS investigations were done, especially during the Clinton years.

It's about time that liberal churches received 'equal time' in this regard.

John Petty

Some may have gotten investigated for blatantly campaigning, but not for sermons.

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