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March 09, 2008



sure, obama has more delegates, almost twice as many states and more popular votes. But your racist, condescending pat on the back-you can be my VP hillary thinks she deserves to be the president. Its either Obama or McCain. Hillary is done.

John Petty

What, pray tell, is racist about offering someone the Vice Presidency?

Barbara Davis

After studying the states whom have already voted I have come up with an interesting evaluation. Clinton carried 12 of the blue states to Obamas 9. If the Democrates want to win this election for the White House they better figure out that alot of these states Obama has won are Red states.

Barbara Davis

Since they are Red States he could not carry them in a General Election.

John Petty

Obama's constituency is basically African-Americans, young people, and, for lack of a better term, the "liberal-left insurgency."

The "liberal-left insurgency" regularly fields a candidate for the Democratic nomination--think Hart, Bradley, etc. Normally, they get about 30% of the vote.

The "liberal-left insurgency" has gone for Obama in a big way. They're good at caucuses. 5000 liberals in Idaho doesn't really do much, but, if you get them all in a room at the same time, they can have impact.

Thanks for the visit, Barbara.

pax, jp

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