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May 29, 2008



It would be "political pandering" if he suggested a temporary summer tax cut which would have negligible impact on the cost of gasoline and likely provide an opening for more profit-taking by the oil companies.

How about those Phillies, eh? Beat up on your Rockies this week. Since I witnessed first-hand the Phillies' defeat in Game 2 of the Divisional Playoffs, I was quite pleased to see sweep this week . . .

John Petty

Oh, rub it in, why dontcha?

Chris, you pay for it by taxing the oil companies' excess profits.


I think gas taxes should be slowly raised in Europe and North America and used to expand and make more efficient public transportation and rail services. Lowering them is pandering.

John Petty

Hi Dan,

Not if you make the oil companies pay for it.


I think the oil companies would just pass this on to the consumer. In either case, we need to transform our thinking about oil and treat it like a finite resource that has to last until we find viable alternatives.

John Petty

Agreed! And there are viable alternatives, not fully developed yet, but could be with a little will and commitment.

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