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May 29, 2008



I was thinking about the McGovern precedent, but it occurred to me that Obama will have something McGovern didn’t – the support of the Democratic establishment, which seemingly couldn’t wait for an alternative to Clinton once it became apparent that Obama wasn’t just a flash in the pan. He has old-politics connections through his wife. Also, am I correct in thinking that Obama’s press is far better than McGovern’s ever was? (And I have the impression that Obama is the more formidable candidate - which also could be wrong.)

John Petty

Oh, Obama is definitely a better candidate than McGovern. I don't have anything against McGovern, incidentally. He just wasn't a particularly good candidate.

My point is that the "left-liberal insurgency" in the Democratic Party is quite good at caucuses, but that caucuses are not representative of opinion in the party.

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