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June 16, 2008


The Akurians

It is suprising with all your research and study, you missed the fact that the words "Jesus Christ" is not a name. It is a title and it means "I am conscious". Look it up for yourself - get some OLD dictionaries for the verification!

Now Immanuel (the Anointed of his generation) wasn't the weak-kneed namby pamby you've made him out to be. As a suggestion, re-think through what he did in the temple - he wrecked it because of the desecration that was happening! And, he wasn't a turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy in the process!

BTW - the letter "j" didn't EXIST until 1349 and wasn't common usage until MUCH later! Take that one into your innermost belly and digest it well!

John Petty

Since the title "Jesus Christ" did not appear in the lection, there's no point in saying anything about it. Actually, the word "Jesus"--"Yeshua"--means "he will save." (It's the same word as Joshua.) "Christ" is the English equivalent of the Greek "christos," which itself is a translation of the Hebrew "anointed."

What do you consider the "desecration" that went on in the Temple?

I agree that Jesus was not "namby-pamby." He was leading a movement of non-violent resistance against the occupying Roman army and their lackeys in the Temple heirarchy. The moneychangers he drove out had "franchises" from the Temple to conduct this highly lucrative business. (The moneychangers themselves were employees of rich Jerusalem families.)

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