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July 31, 2008



I don’t think the European trip was a mistake, --it’s not Obama’s fault that everyone was curious about him, after all, and he handled himself very well -- but he should have toned it down, with less press, tried to keep the brouhaha down to a reasonable level insofar as it was possible.

As for Clinton, Obama has made his own bed and he has to lie in it. Even if he wanted to he could not choose her now. His campaign and their surrogates spent a lot of time painting the Clintons as corrupt racist old-politics Antichrists, and he can’t take Antichrist on board the change train without angering his fanboys and losing face.

I do understand his concerns about Clinton overshadowing him, though. She probably would.


Excellent post - thank you. Americans are not stupid, and The Grand Tour, amassing 200,000 young Berliners at lunch time with a free concert, food and beer, partially at the expense of the American tax-payer and the resultant "lack of bounce" in the polls, proves it. Having one of his handlers quoted as saying that "number 10 looked kind of shabby" did Obama no good in England. Obama would have much better off staying home and at least trying to repair the damage done by his FISA vote and other lurches to the right.

I believe that it is way too late for him to bring older women on board with or without Hillary as VP, as Hypatia quite correctly says, Obama's surrogates and supporters have put paid to that.

John Petty

It's a little bit like the early situation in Iraq. When we didn't go in and clamp everything down right away, it gave resistance an opportunity.

Obama should have done whatever he could have--including sucking up--to unite the party. He didn't do it, and now there's this festering going on.

That puts the Hillary people on the wrong side of the analogy, but I hope you can see my point. :)


I do see your point - I think! Obama is supposedly, an avid blog reader, so there is no way he did not know what was going on. As the "leader" of the Democratic Party he must have known about the hate mail being sent to voters by his OWN party. His silence on the Hillary hatred by the press. That he did not nip all of this in the bud at the start of the infection is telling. I think that the "festering" is over, the infection has healed, the limb is stronger and now the heels have been firmly dug in. It's just too late for unity.

John Petty

You might be right. He should have done it right off the bat. If they made any effort, even now, it would help, but not as much as it would have a month ago.

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