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July 23, 2008



I respectfully disagree. With a sycophantic press dancing in attendance, their HRCDS temporarily on hold, the Democratic Convention only a month away, and McCain appearing more out of touch with every passing day, a 6% lead is not "not doing too bad" - its abysmal! Obama did not "move to the center", he "lurched to the right" and I fail to see how his campaign can fix that whilst they have him prancing around the world for stage managed photo-ops. If Obama were behaving like the presumptive nominee he is, instead of the crowned prince he thinks he is, he would be enjoying a comfortable 20 point lead, but that's not going to happen and he IS going to lose in November. P.U.M.A. Democrat in Exile.

John Petty

I'm trying to think positive.

I do think he's in real trouble if he doesn't win three out of four of PA, OH, FL, and MI. Hillary can cinch that.


I would follow also what’s going on in Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado, states Obama’s people are counting on.

I think the Rasmussen poll had Obama ahead by two points, so if you split the difference his lead is probably about four points, which is where it’s held steady. It’s one of those is the glass half empty or full situations. Obama had some bad weeks where McCain failed to capitalize, but still the latter is not far behind. The election is Obama’s to lose, but her can certainly lose it. I’m not thinking positively or negatively, as I don’t care whether he wins or not, unless Clinton is on the ticket with him. He lacks experience and qualifications – yes, I do think those are important -- and if he goes back to Illinois and runs for governor or something (he was ‘bored’ in Springfield and something tells me he’d get ‘bored’ in the Senate too if he actually had to spend any time there) he and we could see how he would do once he actually has to buckle down to a long term position with responsibilities. I really don’t want to see him getting on the job training in the White House.

I hope I’m wrong about the guy, you understand.


I'm convinced that a vote for Obama is actually a vote for moving the entire Democratic Party to the right. A Democratic majority congress will be more likely to hold the center or move left under a McCain presidency. Under Obama, they will just follow his lead.

I cannot see myself voting for McCain but is it possible that McCain is the lesser of two evils?

John Petty

Well, what can I say? I agree with you both, which is why I supported--and still support--Hillary.

The situation is heavy-laden with irony. Obama was the "darling of the latte liberals" because they, mistakenly as it turned out, thought he was the most progressive candidate.


I don’t think they necessarily assumed Obama was more liberal – they just didn’t care about the lunchpail issues that Obama was making GOP noises about. It was Obama’s vote against the war that got things rolling, and Obama’s political skills and natural appeal, along with his savvy campaign, kept them rolling. (He also started attacking Clinton late in 2007, which nobody ever remembers.) Iowa let the horse out of the gate – the Clintons really should be kicking themselves for not skipping Iowa – and here we are.

I can’t yet see McCain as the lesser of two evils, but I can understand entertaining the idea. He is most likely a one term president and probably not a wildly successful one.

John Petty

Good points, hypatia. The activist wing never really cared for the Clintons--not true enough to orthodoxy.

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