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July 30, 2008


Deborah Sampson

Kathleen has cache with older Republicans who remember her father-in-law who was a Republican congressman for decades.

John Petty

Hi Deb. I have her picture on my wall. Back in 1980, I was involved in the Kennedy campaign. When Ted came to Topeka, we all had our pics taken with him. In my pic, if you look between Ted and myself, you can see a woman standing behind us, and, if you look close, you can see a young Kathleen Sebelius.


Any woman other than Clinton on the ticket would be seen as a form of tokenism, and rightly so in my view. (Sebelius isn't your strongest argument against dynastic politics, either, which was a big deal in the primaries when it was used against Clinton.)

Bayh should be disqualified by the haircut alone.

John Petty

I think so too, but it might work. He needs to do something to bring in older women. Maybe he figures that Sebelius would do that, and the Hillary people would eventually come around.

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