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July 15, 2008



...and the roll call is nostalgic. I half expect people to use words like zip and zowie and pep and by gum. It's one of the few entertaining parts of the convention. The Obama people certainly have chutzpah--first moving the DNC, now trying to make him the only candidate.
That photo of John Lennon is one of my favorites.


I was at the 1984 and 1988 democratic conventions - did I just imagine the roll call votes?

Deborah Sampson

Dating myself as pre-historic, I remember watching the roll call on TV when we only had 3 channels or so. I mean I watched it from both parties! Now days, you may catch some of the roll call if you intensely search the dial, but the networks don't really cover it and if the networks don't cover it, does it really happen? Personally, I'd rather see the roll call than an Invesco Field acceptance speech! And that's something coming from a political junkie like me who even watches some Bush speeches!
Speaking of Bush speeches, is anyone else more concerned about their financial future now than before his speech yesterday?

John Petty

Yeah, the roll call is the best part. I don't know what the WSJ reporter had in mind when she said there hadn't been a roll call vote since the GOP convention in 1976. Maybe she meant "closely contested" roll call vote. By that measure, there have been very few roll call votes ever.


I enjoyed the roll-call drama when I was a kid, (always got a kick out of seeing the hometown delegation—the great state of New Mexico!—look foolish on national television) but have paid less attention to the conventions since I moved to Chicago. I agree that it's a mistake to marginalize HRC and the Dems who voted for her by cutting her out of the picture. But the hubris of Barack knows no bounds.

Hey gormenghast-- I LOVED the first book of that trilogy, and didn't get around to the other two, but I rarely meet anyone who's even heard of it. Anyway...

Yes, we're keeping an eye on our TIAA-CREF very closely.

My daughter is finishing her third year of med-school and she called last night to say Bank of America, who finances her studies (along with yours-truly and a nice scholarship from Baylor), is suddenly dropping out of the student loan bizness, along with two other lenders.

I'm not finding comfort in anything being said by either candidate.

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