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July 30, 2008


von Gunten

great post, John. could be published elsewhere as well. definitely a "key post" for PI.

John Petty

Gee, thanks!

Rich Mayfield

I agree with Todd. Just finished "The Family" by Sharlet...an expose on the power of Christian fundamentalism in politics. A bit over the top but still very scary. What struck me most was the similarities in language that we progressives employ with the fundamentalists. We both use the importance of returning to Jesus as central to our spiritual journeys...but the Jesus we return to is very different indeed.

Mystical Seeker

I agree. I don't see how one can separate the religious from the social and political in first century Palestine. Jesus offered a subversive message that challenged the status quo, and he got executed for the trouble.

John Petty

Hi Rich, I almost picked up "The Family" the other day. Is it worth a read?

Hi mystical seeker. Thanks for the visit.

Christian Resources

This is a very interesting post and I'm really glad you shared it to us. This is what progressive Christianity must consider.

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