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July 30, 2008



I am not entirely sure what you meant by your caption "uppity". If you mean that McCain is saying that Obama is "uppity" (along with that word that, in some circles, follows uppity),ergo McCain is a racist, I think you are wrong. The ad seeks to compare "unwarranted" but acknowledged "celebrity" as opposed to substance, hence the use of Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears who also have achieved adulation without the actual substance to back it up. It seems pretty clear to me, but the blogs are howling "racism" as is their wont, when Obama is perceived as under attack. There has been, and can be no criticism whatsoever of Obama from any front that does not elict cries of racism.

Where the MCain campaign really went stupid regarding this ad, is that Paris Hilton's parents maxed out in their donations to the McCain campaign and poor little Brittney, having already received more than her fair share of bad press, is a Bush supporter. Now there's cutting off your nose to spite your face.


Note, if you will, the deafening silence on the left regarding Ludacris' latest single, where he talks about "painting the White House black" Clinton being an "irrelevant B@%&$" and McCain only chance of getting a chair (at the table>) is if he becomes "paralyzed", no racism there - the world has turned upside down - the party I once held dear, as being all inclusive, is no more!

John Petty

I basically agree with you. I think the ad is pretty smart--nefarious, walks close to the edge, but smart. It hits Obama on grandiosity, and it looks like he might be vulnerable there.

The white women were there on purpose, though. If his point is celebrity, he could have picked other celebrities, and not two who are somewhat past their "sell by" date.


I hear you. I racked my brain trying to think of two (or even one) manufactured "celebrity" with the instant recognizability of these two, and could not come up with a name. If they had used African Americans it would have been perceived racism, but then I could not think of a single example of "talentless, manufactured celebrity", except perhaps Milli Vanilli - talk about sell-by date!

No, Ms Spears and Ms Hilton were perfect examples, and still hugely popular with 10-13 year olds. Have you seen where the pro-Obama blogs are comparing this to the Ford ad and insisting that what McCain is saying is "lock up your daughters" Obama is after the young white women?

John Petty

Frankly, it is a bit reminiscent of the Ford ad, except not as ham-handed. McCain's ad only hints.

What's more, given the Obama campaign's play of the so-called "race card" against the Clintons, McCain feels free to claim the Obama campaign played the "race card" against HIM. Deft move by McCain.

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