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August 30, 2008



Wasn't Carter criticized for going off on Bush in Boston in 2004? Of course, that was a pretty good speech, but the Kerry folks didn't like it. Perhaps the Obama folks were worried about his message, about him coming across as too negative?

Frank Glenn

I think that's probably right. Jimmy's gotten somewhat waspish in his later years reminding me a lot of Elisha in Kings. Personally, I love this tendency of us old country folk because it can't be scripted by some media master.

John Petty

Couldn't have been, Chris, since Obama vetted all speeches just as Kerry did in 2004. I've heard since posting that Carter was scrubbed because of his position in favor of palestinians. Too much blowback from the Israel lobby.


And this after Carter came out early for Obama.

John Petty

The palestinian angle is the one I've heard, which makes some sense. Still, I couldn't believe it. The guy sitting next to said, incredulously, "Carter's not going to speak?"

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