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August 03, 2008



Could it be that the McCain campaign was calling Barack a popular dumb blonde? I think the racism charges are reaching, in both cases, although one could argue that "dumb blonde" is a racial slur. Now if McCain had used clips of Scarlett Johanssen, who breathlessly informed the world that she and Barack exchange emails...that would be a horse of a different color.

As for Barack's statement -- it wasn't racist, but boils down to saying, "McCain will try to scare you by reminding you that I'm a black man." Problematic but not racist.

It strikes me as odd and offensive that either campaign worries (or hopes?) that people will forget to see Barack as a black man.


I think Obama's comment wasn't "racist" but he was, as someone brilliantly put it, "attacking a hallucination". How can you get mad at something someone did not actually do? Of course, they decided that "fairy tale" was racist, and that Hillary was musing about Obama's assassination, so there is a history of tilting at windmills.

John Petty

Good observation, redrabbit. Gee, if nobody says anything about race, nobody will notice that Barack is black. Ha ha.

Lilianjane, it's interesting that McCain mentioned Clinton when he accused the Obama campaign of "playing the race card." That hampered the Obama camp's response.

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