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August 28, 2008



I agree with you completely, John, about the promise you made to your supporters. The roll call was such a sham, and I was disappointed that Clinton went along with it, which confused people to no end and resulted in situations such as New Jersey unanimously backing Obama, so the New Jersey Clinton voters felt betrayed. It felt like 2000, when I had the urge to drive to Florida and count the damn votes myself. I think if everyone had understood that it was a real roll call, the results might have been different. Some of the superdelegates were wavering before the convention.

John Petty

I even fantasized that if Sen. Obama should call me up and ask for my vote, I'd say, "Sen. Obama, if you can't trust me to be faithful to Hillary, you could never trust me to be faithful to you."


From my vantage point (okay my couch), the whole convention, with the exception of Hillary's and Bill's speeches, had the appearance of a tightly wound, rigged, smile or we will kill you, Eastern Bloc party committee meeting from the fifties.

Only Clinton Delegate, Ann Price Mills' heartfelt, on camera comments gave an inkling that all was not as it should be.

Elected by acclamation my arse!

Oh, and please let me in a room alone with Jim Clyburn!


I watched only Clinton's speech (and listened to ten minutes of Bill's on the radio), but I got this impression from written accounts.

John Petty

From my perspective throughout, it seemed that the Obama campaign played hardball at pretty much every opportunity--not griping about it necessarily, but that seemed to be the way it was.


But, but.....Mr. Perry I don't understand why you are not griping about it. I don't understand why all the delegates sent to carry out the will of the constituents don't gripe about it. Why did we bother to vote? Neither candidate received the required delegate amount, putting Florida and Michigan back in play made the delegate difference even smaller. Am I the only one in the country who wants to burn down a building?

Sorry - but I am so furious about this sham of an election, I just cannot think straight!

John Petty

Hillary told us not to.


I feel your pain, Gormenghast.

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