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September 29, 2008


John T. Bird

Amen, Pastor John. Also, your post reminded me of another invention I need to patent. It is a casket mounted on a frame that allows it to spin freely. It would be connected to a sturdy electricity generator, similar to wind turbines, but capable of operating underground, of course. We would dig up all of our revered and reviled political leaders, and maybe some religious ones, and put their remains in these new caskets, hooking up the electrical leads to the power grid. I think it would be a good first step to energy independence, and current events,(not to make a pun) would certainly have given us enough surplus power to cut oil imports by a lot.


Thanks for mentioning that last one, which has been forgotten as we discuss treating various symptoms.
I looked up Paul O'Neill's view on the bailout, since he seemed more sane than the administration he once worked for, but all he talked about was not rushing it. He didn't seem to mind the notion of just giving Paulson blank checks for bankers, and was critical of "side show" distractions such as help for homeowners.
"It's not to say that you don't feel compassion and sorrow for people that have got financial problems," he said. "But if your solution is to give them more money, then you're going to have to take it away from somebody who's got it."
He didn't seem to notice the irony in that statement.

John Petty

Isn't that just typical?


Main Street will suffer, if small businesses cannot make payroll because their credit lines are frozen.

John Petty

Yes. I'm not against a "bailout." I was just against THAT bailout. We need a Democratic proposal, not a Republican one. Bush is irrelevant. The Dems control Congress. Obama is leading in the polls. Show some DEMOCRATIC leadership!

We haven't done it for so long, I don't know if we know how.

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