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September 15, 2008



It is certainly no time to get cocky when McCain has pulled to within five points of Obama in New York.

Five points. In New York.

John Petty

I didn't see that. That IS a surprise.


New Jersey has tightened up, too. I can't imagine McCain will actually win either state, but still.

Well, maybe he can exploit the economic shocks to his advantage. He made a good speech today on the economy, I understand, which is smart and plays to one of his strengths.

John Petty

Both of them are going to try to score points on the economy, but I'd say Obama has a bigger advantage. We'll see. It's only September.


Doesn't early voting start in Ohio in a couple of weeks? It's later than we think...

Anyway, it looks as if that New York poll was a false alarm, so that's one less thing to worry about.

John Petty

These polls are all over the place. I'm still expecting Obama to get a bounce on the economy, but not much of one has shown up yet, outside of the NY Times poll.

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