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October 30, 2008



This commentary is fine, but it fails to say that one's belief or non-belief in God is not a qualification for the job. Athiests make fine Senators, too . . .

John Petty

Agreed. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the ad by itself and this one came with Campbell Brown's commentary.


Boy, Liddy's really desperate. Boneheaded play.

Chris, offhand the only declared atheist I can think of in Congress is Pete Stark of California. It's true that technically atheism is no disqualification for office, but as a practical matter it's impossible for a politician to be an open atheist in many parts of the country.

John Petty

Liddy's upped the ante. She supposedly has another ad out in response to Hagan's response. My guess is that Liddy's career in the Senate is about to come to an end.

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