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October 30, 2008



Without Palin, McCain’s not even in this race. He had no ideal choices for VP, and it’s highly unlikely that Pawlenty or Romney would have altered the dynamic that showed a close but pretty certain loss for McCain before the convention.

As to whether she’s ready to step into the Oval Office right now, she isn’t, but then Dan Quayle wasn’t either, and Bush still won. If McCain loses, it is not Palin's fault.

And in view of the fact that the nation is just about to hand over the keys to the kingdom to a freshman senator with a CV that could fit comfortably on a postcard, whatever his talents, I don’t see the big deal, honestly. Obama has lowered the bar considerably, qualifications-wise, and we’re all going to have to live with the consequences of that.(I don't mean to say that the two of them are equal in terms of familiarity with the issues.)

John Petty

I thought it was a good pick at the time, but then I assumed that the governor of a state would be able to name a newspaper and would be able to sound at least a bit more knowledgeable than Miss South Carolina.

Turned out not to be so. I think she has a future in politics--she already has a constituency--if she can get up to speed on some pretty basic stuff.

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