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November 22, 2008



I don't see Clinton as the presumptive nominee in 2012, although certainly she will be in the mix. She will be almost seventy and if Biden remains as VP for an eight year Obama term, the field will be wide open. Gaining foreign policy experience can't hurt, but the lack of it did not damage Obama in the primaries.

Rice was the national security adviser when Cheney and Rumsfeld were in the driver's seat, but her time at the State Department has been quite different. Her record there is mixed, but she was not the ineffectual failure she was as NSA.

John Petty

You never can tell. Eight years is an eternity in politics.

You have to give Hillary a lot of credit. She could have gone the safe and comfortable route and stayed in the Senate. Instead, she ratcheted herself up another notch and probably told herself she had five years to change the world. Hillary is a classic Methodist. That kind of thing would appeal to her.

I thought Rice did OK as SOS. I agree she did better there than she did as NSA. She was green and Cheney rolled her.

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