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November 27, 2008




This comment is not necessarily related to your post but have you read the Mormons take on Martin Luther? I'd be interested in your comments on the article.

John Petty

Thanks for your visit. I scanned the article, and the author makes some good point, though I don't really see how they relate to Mormonism. He's right, though, that Luther would not agree with modern evangelicals on much. For one thing, he was a Biblical scholar, and modern evangelicalism really isn't that much into biblical scholarship. (I'll probably get flamed for saying that.)


I have to agree with you on the lack of scholarship in modern evangelicalism. I also think Luther would have objected to the article's implication that he had much in common with Mormonism. Equating theosis, for example, with the Mormon concept of eternal progression to becoming a god is a gross misunderstanding of theosis. I think Luther would have declared Mormonism a heresy and would have objected to the twisting of his words to make it appear he was in accord. Overall, I thought the article tried to make Luther one of the Mormons' own, a ludicrous idea.

John Petty

That's an interesting association. I had never before considered "theosis" in light of the Mormon "becoming a god" thing. I'd say that's a case of special pleading if ever there was one.

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