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November 26, 2008



It was naive to think that Obama would not be dependent on Clintonistas, for reasons already discussed, but I don’t think that Obama’s lefty supporters were a bunch of suckers – not entirely, anyway. The candidate did give them reason to think that electing him meant Change, and you had to look pretty hard at the fine print to see that Change meant -- electing Obama, and not necessarily much else.

As for the stellar names, a lot of them aren’t quite as stellar as they used to be. Greider is quite right to bring up Robert Rubin – the Teflon Wise Man - and his circle:

"On Monday, Geithner was busy executing the government's massive rescue of Citicorp--the very banking behemoth that Geithner and Summers helped to create back in the Clinton years, along with Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin, Clinton's economics guru. Now Rubin is himself a Citicorp executive and his bank is now being saved by his old protégé (Geithner) with the taxpayers' money."

Nice racket, if you can get in on it. Too bad for Detroit that Rubin's not a car man.

John Petty

Rubin, however, for all his faults, is associated with the longest sustained boom period in American history. Got to give him credit for that.

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