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January 31, 2009


John Charles

Simply sated, Mr. Kung is an idiot.

John Petty

That may be a little OVERLY simply stated.


Sounds more like Hans Kung wishes HE was actually Barack Obama.



I am simpley stunned at the sheer amount of absolute heresy that is crammed into such a small space. It truly is astounding this man calls himself a Catholic and yet espouses these views.

John Petty

What's sad is a clueless and out-of-touch Vatican.

As for heresy, no way. The definition of heresy is actually pretty narrow--even in Catholicism--and you'd be hard-pressed to cite an example on the basis of this short article.

Don Edwards

I'm with John Petty on this. "Heresy" is, by definition, "the ideology that lost," many of them politically or sensibly motivated for the time they were enacted.

Kung's analogy with the junior Bush is very apt. There is no God-given dogma that priests be celibate;that contraception in an overpopulated world is mortally sinful;or that mixed marriages are an abomination. The next pope will have to deal with issues like these and that is not an evil heresy. Reform has been part of the Church from the beginning. Thank God for that.

John Petty

Don, thanks for your visit. Come back again!


every pope since John XXIII has indeed taken considerable steps in reversing the reforms since the esteemed Vatican II. John Paul II probably did more than any other in his attempts to invalidate those reforms. Vatican II will take hold, as reform always does and may take a generation or so. As for Benedict, he was known as the grand inquisitor under John Paul II, silencing many liberation theologians, including Boff, as well as others like Schillebeeckx,and Kung. The Catholic church needs to be truly catholic and it's as much King's church as it is mine or Benedict's.

John Petty

Praying, I couldn't agree more. Thanks for your visit.

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God closes one door while opens another one for you!


How much is a front row seat when this man comes before the Lord on Judgment Day?

John Petty

Thanks for your visit.

Love for Jesus

This is absolutely the work of Satan. I pray for this man because he is clearly paving his way straight to hell. I had to stop and say three Hail Mary's to get through this article. He is not Catholic and should be ex-communicated from the Church if he isn't already. His views are 100% against the true teachings of the church. I am astounded that this man is or was a priest. This is exactly what the Virgin Mary was speaking of when she stated the Churh would be attacked by Satan through priests. This saddens me beyond belief.

John Petty

Well, I like the man myself. Thanks for your visit.

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You are right, it doesn't have to be one or the other. If God is truly transforming us as leaders, the creativity should be evident and coming out of our pores.


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