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January 28, 2009



Not to downplay the importance of anti-Semitism, but these guys hold a lot of beliefs that should make people nervous. Emphasizing that one aspect suggests that if they just change their minds about the Holocaust, they'll be fine. It’s not a simplification to say they hate and despise the modern world. (I don’t agree with those who say it’s an intra-Catholic matter and nobody else’s business, since the influence of the Church in political, social, and cultural matters makes it everyone’s business whether they want it that way or not.)

Benedict doesn’t want what’s happening to the Anglican Communion to happen to his church, and so he’s signaling that there’s plenty of room for reactionary fruitcakes in the Church’s big tent. He’s also handed them a big victory by revoking the excommunication. I bet these ‘further discussions’ about restoring them to 'full communion' go nowhere.

Williamson’s a lot of fun, though. It’ s not every man who has the sauce to refer to Julie Andrews as a rolling canine female. He should get a gander at Angelina Jolie. He’ll probably have a stroke.

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