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March 31, 2009



I have never thought about the Roman's entrance into Jerusalem. Is there any documentation as to when and where or is this merely academic conjecture? Would it be possible that someone would have experienced both parades? I doubt that Jesus had an advance team in place so that people had to choose between parades. I have no problem with Jesus riding an unridden colt or the divine foreknowledge to locate the colt or "password". So I wonder if the people would have seen Rome come into town ahead of time and notice by contrast Christ's humility, or perhaps, the saw the Romans come in later and decided resistance is futile. Which may help explain how the crowds can go from Hosanna to crucify him.

John Petty

Hi Don, for more, see Borg and Crossan's book, The Last Week, which goes into this in some detail.

Actually, I think Jesus DID have an advance team in Jerusalem. Read the section on the colt. Somebody had obviously made prior arrangements, with a "secret password" and everything!

Also, my own view is that it was a different crowd who hollered "crucify." The ones who greeted Jesus on Sunday were supporters. The ones hollering for his head on Good Friday were probably Temple bureaucrats.

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