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April 30, 2009


Leasia Korbel

They were the only group surveyed in this article...

John Petty

That wasn't the impression I got from the article. Thanks for the visit!

J. Foster

CNN.com headline: "Survey: Churchgoers more likely to back torture"... Five lines later... 54 percent to be exact. Then after clicking the "full story" link and reading down to the middle of the story we learn that it was a survey of 742 Americans. Really? 742? ...out of 304,059,724 Americans and it was the top headline on CNN.com?

Thats 0.00000244% of the population quizzed before the survey was used to lump the 40-45% of the population that regularly attend church together as "more likely to approve torture."


Look at the actual survey results. The statistical differences between the various groups are basically...nil. CNN created a story where there was none, for no good reason than perhaps to bash Christians.


It is no wonder. In the worst misapplication of Bible truth I have EVER seen, instead of resting in the ground until Jesus comes with his reward, Satan has us believing in a torturous hell fire. See bibleinfo.com for more information. If God would torture us, why should we not torture others.

God won't torture, and neither should we. God is a much better parent than we are - and none of us would burn our children for one second as punishment.

Study your Bible, or find a local Seventh-day Adventist church. I think they have these materials.

God bless.

Rita in B.C.


God does not torture ... absolutely ... God never existed.. and never will ...

John Petty

Thanks for your visits. Stop by again!


The survey might have been flawed, but based on conversations with fundamentalists (I still reserve evangelical as a positive word), I don't doubt that the conclusion is valid. I attribute that love of violence to sexual repression.

John Petty

I agree with you. The numbers didn't surprise me either. What DID surprise me--pleasantly--was that mainline protestants were the least likely to support torture.

Honestly, I don't see how you can support torture and have the audacity to call yourself a Christian.

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