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May 10, 2009


Rachel Hallowell

What's really scary is that that's representative of the entire GOP right now.


Well, let me think - Powell has always had a difficult time scrambling for reasons to justify his being in the GOP. He is one because he rose to power and prominence under Republican administrations (who were always short on promotable black guys anyway) but philosophically he's always been a closet Dem in so far as he has any convictions beyond the advancement of Colin Powell.

Nuzzling up to Obama during the past election cycle was probably the last straw. It is slightly bizarre for Cheney to badmouth his own Secretary of State, but in general I wouldn't blame the Republicans for regarding Powell as a sort of Joe Lieberman.

John Petty

The problem is that Cheney seems to glory in being front-and-center, which, you just have to know, is driving saner Republicans crazy.

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