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June 24, 2009



I don’t much care if he was “smitten” or not. I imagine Jenny Sanford, responsible for her four boys,who must be feeling really great about their dad right now, doesn’t have much opportunity to jet off for international canoodling. Far gone, indeed. It’s just entitled male behavior.

Rachel Hallowell

I'm actually really surprised and kind of happy with Jenny Sanford's response. I always wonder what goes on in the minds of the wives of these guys, and how much it must take for them to stand next to them in the press conference. Her reaction was just more understandable, and - I felt - (to use your word) honest. She's just saying "I don't know what's going to happen to his career, but that's his problem. I need to make sure my kids are okay, and that's about all I'm worried about."

John Petty

I liked the official statement she issued as well. She was quite direct and pointed, and called upon her husband to help "resurrect" their marriage.

Course, I'm a preacher so I like that "resurrection" stuff.

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