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June 21, 2009



Obama just wants to get something passed so he can say he passed it. He does not appear to be sweating the details. There’s a long article by Michael Tomasky on this subject and others in the latest New York Review of Books, and it’s all the more unintentionally depressing because it’s written by a confirmed Obamabot who worships the Dear Leader. Obama and Emanuel aren’t that concerned about what finally makes it into the bill. They figure they can fix anything that doesn’t work later, and in the mean time they have a bill passed no matter how inefficient, incomplete, and ultimately costly it might be. I can understand this, kind of, but in the current set of circumstances I think it’s a mistake. This may be the last chance at real reform for some time. They should make the most of it, and instead....


Forgot to add that Tomasky also makes some good points about the "public option" currently under discussion. Depending on the form it takes, a public option could wind up adding greater expense without the benefits liberals are looking for in such an option. That is to say, there are public options we might be better off without. (Of course, there may also be "health care reform" that we're better off without, as well.)

John Petty

I hope I remember to check that article. I'd like to read it.

I'm leery of this whole thing because I went through it back in 93-94. My hopes were way up because I figured that something, at least, would pass. Alas, I underestimated the insurance industry's 100 million dollar ad campaign.

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