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July 16, 2009



It's very cheeky for this particular bishop to get the vapours over this. His diocese covers a part of England (Newcastle-on-Tyne) with a very visible gay population and a higher than normal number of gay priests, many of whom are very open about it. He knew it when he took the position.

Frank Glenn

I never had much respect for Wright's hermeneutical skills after watching him be demolished by Crossan and Spong. I now have no respect for his ecclesial leadership.

John Petty

His book on the resurrection was quite good--"The Resurrection of the Son of God," I believe it's called. His book on Paul was fair-to-good. "Simple Christianity", which he hoped would be like C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" turned out not to be so hot.

Spirit of Vatican II

His book on Resurrection was fine until he got to commenting on the resurrection narratives in the four gospels, when it fell dismally flat, not even mentioning the difficulties, much less resolving them!

John Petty

He probably didn't attempt resolving them because they can't be resolved. Thanks for your visit!

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