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September 16, 2009



I disagreed with Carter’s use of the word ‘overwhelmingly’ but otherwise he was spot on.
That said, these comments are distinctly unhelpful. The last thing Obama needs right now is a ‘national conversation about race’ (which he never really wanted and only mentioned in order to distract people from his inconvenient pastor, among other sound political reasons).
People aren’t going to get the nuances. Many reasonable folks will interpret these comments as ‘If you don’t agree with Obama, you’re racist.’ People don’t like being called racists and the accuracy of the charge is not relevant, in a political context. Obama was probably groaning as he watched that interview. Horrible timing.

John Petty

I disagree with the "overwhelming" part too, mostly because we've been through all this before with white Democrats, notably Bill Clinton who was accused or murder and drug-running. They always say this kind of stuff about Democrats.

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