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November 02, 2009



As if the opposition doesn't play a role in why there hasn't been any 'immediate change.' I wonder about these independents sometimes.

John Petty

About 90% of political advertising is devoted to winning over that 5% of true undecideds, who are, let's just say, not real informed about current events.


I didn't think there would be immediate change because of the byzantine nature of the American political system. Canada is a model of simplicity compared to Washington with its 3 equal and hostile branches of government, the committees, amendments, riders, lobbyists and the rest.

Still, one can make a good case that the biggest change he delivered was avoiding the Great Depression Part Deux.

John Petty

Absolutely. Keynes lives!

I do agree with Paul Krugman, and others, that the stimulus should have been bigger. Still, mitigating the effects of the Great Recession is a significant accomplishment.

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