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December 15, 2009



I am SO impressed with Senator Franken! I was fist-pumping like crazy the first time I saw this video. Nothing against Senators Udall and Bennett, but I would be truly proud to call Al Franken my Senator,


I'm just grateful he's no longer peddling his "humor." If he can do good in the Senate, more power to him.

John Petty

No joke! Franken was only occasionally funny. His signature bit--"Doggone it, people like me"--was kind of lame, I thought. Good Senator, though. Plus, he has a pretty good political sense.


Making villains out of Reid, Baucus, and Lieberman, et al, is somewhat beside the point, however. There's no reason to believe that any of these guys are forcing the White House into a bill Obama doesn't want, insofar as we can discern what Obama wants. If liberals want to get angry at Congress, fine, but I don't think all of the fault lies with our solons.

John Petty

I'm not ticked at Reid or Baucus--not overly so, anyway--just Lieberman.

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