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December 30, 2009



The NPR lady must have been channeling Haley Joel Osment in "A.I." It is not good thing when adults begin sounding like terrified robot boys in public.

It might have been a very big deal if the perpetrator hadn't been incompetent and his fellow passengers quick thinking, but I agree with your general point. Obama made a PR mistake not speaking sooner, but if this sort of thing is the best Al Qaeda can muster at this point, seems to me we don't have much to worry about. Intelligence failures will happen, and seems to me the ball was dropped at airports overseas and not here.

However, it is important that we continue dropping bombs in Yemen with what Jane Harman recently called "surgical strikes". These appear to be surgically blowing away lots of people at random, making folks over there very angry. Highly productive. Carry on.

John Petty

Something was brought to my attention the other day, which is that we are currently in military action in five different Muslim countries. That's bound to tick a few people off.

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