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January 17, 2010


Brother Bartimaeus

Hi John, thanks as always. I wonder if the "prisoners of war" are really the Jews that had been carted off by the Babylonians. As for the "broken people", I'm guessing that would be those cutoff for breaking God's covenants. Thus Jesus would be highlighting a reunion of all people with God. Of course the Pharisees had outright disregard for both groups (and the infirm/"blind") as they were the ones who prevented salvation. No wonder they were ready to stone Jesus just after that!

John Petty

Good thoughts, Bart--I'm inwardingly digesting them.

Technically speaking, the people didn't want to throw Jesus off the cliff for his original speech--they actually liked that part--but he lost them when he suggested that foreigners had the same access to God as they did.

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