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January 12, 2010



Reid was speaking privately and he plainly meant no offense. Hard to say in those circumstances that he shouldn't have said anything or that this is in any way his fault. He got screwed by Halperin and Heilemann for the sake of book sales, that's all. Ideally no one in politics would ever talk to either one of them again, but that's not going to happen.

I think if Woods looked more Asian than he does that might make a difference. It's not so much a one-drop rule as how you look. Woods "looks" black and in fairness to the American public Woods also seems to perceive himself as African-American. Obama, who knows.


If a black politician had said it, nobody would bat an eyelash. I think it's easier to get worked up about p.c. speech than it is to actually report on issues of the day. Also, those cable news people have to fill a lot of airtime.


The Onion "American Voices":

Wade Heinrich,
Humid System Operator

"Then again, John McCain also was light-skinned and didn't speak with a Negro dialect, so maybe there's some X factor Harry Reid is missing."

John Petty

That book does appear quite thinly sourced, but it has exactly what the belt-way crowd considers news, i.e. gossip.

Wade, good comment!

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