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February 09, 2010



Obama just said that he doesn't begrudge Dimon and Blankfein their bonuses and praised them for their "savvy." They are friends of his, he wants us to know. I believe this provides prima facie evidence that the President is what our friends across the pond are wont to refer to as a "wanker." Incredible.

John Petty

I thought the same. In fact, I thought about setting his comments side-by-side with FDR's.


I was wrong. Obama didn’t actually say they were friends of his. (The print was swimming.)

Particularly strange was the comparison of elite bankers to ballplayers. Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants may be overpaid and underperforming, and he’s none too popular in these parts, but last time I checked Barry hadn’t taken the economy over the precipice, required a taxpayer bailout, and/or claimed to be doing God’s work.

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