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April 02, 2010



Thanks for the wording of the oath. I keep meaning to look it up, but I get sidetracked lately with all the work that goes into getting insurance companies to read referrals from doctors and actually pay for covered services, begging COBRA administrators and insurance companies to talk to each other, and staving off doctors' offices wanting to turn over the bills that COBRA may eventually cover to collection agencies. Bring on the health care reform. I'd gladly transfer my medical business away from this doctor and to one who remembers the Hippocratic Oath!


I also think he did patients a service. I wouldn't ask what my doctor spends money on, but if one tells me it goes to right-leaning candidates, I'd rather give my health care dollars to someone else! And as you pointed out, John--how bright can he be if he believes that stuff?

John Petty

Deb, your situation, and others I've heard like it, are why I supported the health care bill.

Lil, hear, hear!

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