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April 18, 2010



I think the same can be said for most church bodies. There's certainly the same division among Lutherans -- some prefer that the church maintain its ideological and dogmatic purity while others push for the church to move towards justice.

(And, one can go even further and note that, in the ELCA, the justice-oriented Lutherans seem to be directing the church more than the purity-oriented Lutherans. The opposite is true for the LCMS).

So, this seems to me to be a trend among all church bodies, not just the Catholics. Any thoughts?

John Petty

Good observation. This is a bit of an advantage for the ELCA. The "purity party" is pretty much located in the LCMS.

You're right that this difference of perspective is in most Christian traditions. For the RCC, it comes into sharper relief because of clear markers--Vatican II on the one hand, and John Paul/Benedict on the other.

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