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May 21, 2010


Sabio Lantz

The Chinese think the year you were born makes a huge difference. There is a long history of killing girls born in the Year of the Fire Horse. 12 year cycles of animals, 5 year cycle of elements ==> every 60 years, lots of girls die.

Not everyone born in an era are affected the same. Genes, family structure, internal security and so much for matter. I am very allergic to these methods of quick divination.

In Japan, there are 4 type of people -- depends on your blood type. Much easier !

(Still can't track comments -- sniffle)

Sabio Lantz

I found out how to receive e-mail notification of comments -- you have to sign in under an account/identity. I have one now.

Dan Hays

I think you're on to something here, but I also know people who were first shaped as a child by the early 60's,then shaped by their experiences in Vietnam and perhaps also by Watergate and the CIA scandals of the '70's. Though I wasn't yet 10 when you were, I also share your sense of hope and think that this early 60's era has had a lot to do with it.

John Petty

I'm becoming more and more aware of how much it has impacted my own dear self. Other peoples' mileage may vary.

John Petty

Good to know. For some unknown reason, I can never sign in to WordPress sites.

John Petty

Last comment meant for Sabio--the one before that for Dan.

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