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May 10, 2010


Sabio Lantz

Thanx for visiting my Atheist site. What brought you there, if I may ask. I notice that you have very few comments on you blog, but already 6 people have visited me from you site because of this post.

I welcome Christians to my site, but only the unorthodox (or perhaps the "neo-orthodox") will find me anything but irritating. Nonetheless, I love dialogue.

You quoted me well, btw -- thanx

Sabio Lantz

I see that your site does not allow e-mail notification of further comments. Why is that? I will not return to blogs to see if there are replies. You may want to activate it on your site to increase your comment traffic. Just a thought.
Write me at google mail with my two names combined if you care to chat.

John Petty

Hi sabio,

Thanks for your visit. I'll check the email notification thing. I can't remember what first led me to bookmark your site, but I did, and occasionally read articles there. I appreciate your work, and I like dialog too!

Best wishes

Sabio Lantz

Cool, love having you stop in.
I love the dialogue too.
Still can see a way to follow comments. Darn !

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