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July 08, 2010


Rich Mayfield

I certainly share your feelings about San Francisco. When Sue and I lived in Lafayette...just on the other side of the Berkeley hills...we spent all the time we could in "The City". On Sunday afternoons we would choose a street and take it from the ocean to the bay stopping along the way at anything that caught our eye. We often dream of moving back there...but even with the freefall in housing prices it's still waaay over the top.
We were up a to SF a couple of years ago and attended St. Gregory of Nyssa and it was all everyone said it would be. During communion we danced around the altar. My 92 year old mother loved it. BTW...when we sat down for worship a dog trotted over and sat down in front of us and just stared at me. After a while a pleasant older gentleman whispered, "You're sitting in his pew."

John Petty

One of my measurements of what constitutes a great city is the quality of the street musicians. Last time in SF, a young couple was singing Puccini in a side street off Union Square, and were tremendous.

First place for street musicians still goes to Leipzig though. Even 12 year olds play great Bach there.

Tim Fisher

Oh, you just haven't spent enough time in Minneapolis. :)

John Petty

Ha! I HAVE spent time in Minneapolis, a fine city--not enough though; you're right about that.

On my first visit there some years ago, I was surprised that some of the street signs were confusing. I thought expert Scandinavian design might translate into "signage design," but alas, at that point, it was not so.

Thanks for your visit Tim.

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