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July 21, 2010



We don't know that this was Vilsack's decision. There is every indication that pressure was applied from the White House. If that proves to be true, then an Administration head should roll, but not Vilsack's.

Although I suppose he might have resisted. But he probably would have had to quit, and American officials don't do that sort of thing.

I do not understand the Administration's anxiety about placating the implacable. The people they were trying to please will never vote for Obama and now they've probably made the most loyal members of Obama's base seriously upset. Good going, fellas.

John Petty

I know. I'm picking on Vilsack because he was her boss, and nobody knows who Cheryl Cook is. It does sound like the White House applied the pressure. I share your mystification on trying to "placate the implacable."


C'mon P.J. Fox was actually one of the most-restrained players on this whole thing. MSNBC, CNN, the NAACP, the Administration, virtually everyone ripped this woman and demanded her firing. Yet, the first Breitbart posting actually DID have the segments in that indicate it was a "pivot point" statement. To me, the enlightening part of the whole thing was the audience's live reaction. I think Breitbart's whole point was to see how the Administration would react to an issue of "reverse discrimination" (an oxymoron, if ever there was one). As usual, Barry and the Gang handled it ineptly, inappropriately and ineffectually.


Besides, where's a guy with a name like Vilsack gonna get another job, except maybe at a pickle factory?

... Oh wait! Never mind -- that's VLASIC


John Petty

I don't know if Breitbart has any agenda other than dishonest provocateuring. Now, he claims he feels sorry for Sherrod.

I agree that his point was "reverse discrimination," so much so that he tried to invent it. Why is all this energy going into discrediting black people as racist? Guilt?

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