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August 31, 2010



Ah, but apparently we should try harder to stay focused in the sleepy month of August--



I’m getting a trifle bored with the talking point that the financial regulation bill is the biggest since the New Deal. Of course it is, because there’s been very little in the way of sweeping financial regulation since the New Deal. The point is that it was watered down to the point where Goldman Sachs is telling its clients with confidence not to worry, the bill is no big deal and will not affect business as usual and what was probably our last best chance to get real reform done was squandered and to no purpose, since Wall Street is angry at the Dems and throwing money at the GOP anyway.

Too bad Obama didn't use his leverage with Chrysler and GM to get them to keep jobs in this country. Even my Republican father doesn't understand that.

There's nothing wrong with being a Muslim, but I guess no one has the nerve to argue that these days.

John Petty

Hypatia, like I said: Let's talk about that and not dumb stuff.

Heather: Good article!

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