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August 30, 2010


Brother Bartimaeus

I suppose "divorce" is probably the best correlation to "hate" based on your full article, but your analysis of the term "hate" as correlated to "honor" intrigued me. What it brought to mind was the commandment to "honor thy mother and father" and that perhaps Jesus is reinterpreting (or subjugating) that commandment in relation to the most important commandment to love thy god and love thy neighbor.

Thanks as always for your insightful instruction!


John Petty

Good thought on "divorce" as a way of understanding "hate."

I think Joel Green makes a similar point on the fourth commandment. If I recall, he says that family unity, and standing behind the patriarch in all things, was a way of keeping that commandment.

I'm indebted to Jerome Neyrey's studies on first century culture, by the way. They can be accessed through his website.

Best wishes to you!

Brother Bartimaeus

Thanks for the recommendations!

I'm leading a group reading through the Bible this year and we are currently in the prophets. I was also reminded of how after the exile Ezra and Nehemiah start consolidating the community based on purity, but 3d Isaiah stresses that God's "new thing" will include foreigners and eunuchs in the mix. In some ways Jesus is hitting the reset button to set Israel back on the path to God's new thing by overturning the focus on familial lines (and relations) as was re-established by Ez-Neh.

John Petty

Good thought. I agree that Jesus identified with the prophetic role, i.e. more Isaiah than Ezra, more Jeremiah than Nehemiah.

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