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August 19, 2010



I do not understand why Obama has not joined a church that he can attend publicly and regularly. He said he would and it would shut a lot of people up or at least give defenders something substantial to work with. I know that he shouldn't have to do so and other presidents have not, but his situation is a specially sensitive one and it wouldn't kill him to go to church on most Sundays for awhile. He has said the security would be disruptive but I'm sure the church favored with his family's attendance would not care in the least.

As JFK once sighed, "Mass every Sunday for four years." A president's gotta do what he's gotta do.

John Petty

Good point. The Obama p.r. operation could definitely use some work.

You have to be struck by the hypocrisy though. Most modern presidents have not attended church much, even though they liked to give the impression they did.


Maybe someday our politicians will be able to stop pouring God over everything like maple syrup. Or some brave man or woman will stand up and say it's nobody's business what s/he believes. Not holding my breath.

John Petty

Me neither.

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