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September 13, 2010



There is nothing remotely lovable about Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens. Ruth was a genuine lovable rogue, the kind of man people loved for and in spite of his failings. Whether he would have juiced today or not is irrelevant; his feats were accomplished with no such aid while living a lifestyle some would have called unhealthy. These guys were cheating to rack up better numbers, prolong their careers and rake in bigger bucks. Ruth was seemingly doing everything he could to sabotage his numbers.

As for Congress sticking its nose in where it doesn’t belong, Major League Baseball is what it is today because Congress decided it shouldn’t have to bother its fluffy head about competition. Holding the occasional investigation is not only not bad, it’s the least our generally docile Congresscritters can do.

If I’m reading James correctly, when Martha Stewart lied federal investigators should have shrugged their shoulders and pushed off. Hey, it was only a little fib to the feds, kinda like like jaywalking. They can afford to overlook that sort of thing.

John Petty

Well, you do have to admit that Martha Stewart is small potatoes next to Goldman Sachs.

I don't care for Clemons either, but, speaking as a Giants fan since the days of Willie Mays, Barry's all right.


Bonds was reportedly a big fat jerk in the clubhouse and has gained additional notoriety in the field of marital law. He forced his unemployed fiancee, whose first language is not English and who did not have an advanced education, the day before the wedding, to sign a prenup. He brought along two lawyers and a financial advisor. She had no one and Bonds threatened to call off the wedding if she did not comply immediately. Ultimately the prenup was upheld on the grounds that if she had no attorney available she should have waited and if she didn’t, tough bananas. (The law in California has since been changed, thanks in part to Bonds’ unchivalrous conduct.) He’s the salt of the earth.

John Petty

Except that what multi-millionaire athlete would NOT require a pre-nup? Tiger and Elin had a $10 million business arrangement, basically, although she wound up getting much more than that!

Barry Bonds may be a jerk, although opinions do differ on that, but he is also the Greatest Force at the plate I have ever seen.

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