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September 13, 2010



It is discouraging and freeing to listen and read about the folks who will not be convinced of anything they don't already believe... the so-called "flat-earth" folks and their ilk. In some ways it's such a non issue for the ELCA and in other ways money is tight for lots of reasons (wait for the latest ELCA cuts). Freeing b/c we don't have to bend to the crap they proclaim as theology or Bible study. I enjoy reading your "blog" summaries and the crap being peddled as arguments against the ELCA. I also like the gaffe definition. Thanks.

John Petty

We'll take a hit, but the ELCA will be better off in the long run.

Yes, if Michael Kinsley is not known for anything else, and he is, I do appreciate his definition of "gaffe."

Dave N

I was actually very taken aback by the CT article. I remember CT (admittedly from a long time ago) as being conservative, and sometimes tough on liberal theology, but reasonably fair nonetheless. I even thought Ted Olsen's CT review of the 2009 ELCA actions from Aug'09 was balanced. But the opening sections of this piece by David Neff are totally off the wall. The "no effort to appeal to Scripture at all" part was particularly infuriating, not only because those were Neff's own words, and not only because they were untrue, but because they were spectacularly untrue. When I think of all the ELCA Biblical studies that went on the past few years, all the documents with extensive scriptural references that were produced (many available via the very link that appears in the CT article), all the effort that went into using those documents as resources for discussions at the congregational level, debates regarding those documents at Synodical and Churchwide assemblies over a period of years ... how all that fed into the development and passage of the Social Statement ... Neff's claim is all the more absurd. And then there's Braaten's claims that we "sneer" at scripture as our guide to faith and practice, in part because of anti-Semitism and the Bible being a Jewish book and all. It's just very bizarre and revolting. I had hoped L-CORE would get past using misinformation and character attacks to build itself up, and I never realized how far CT had gone down that path to begin with. Oh well.

John Petty

Couldn't agree more Dave. Thanks for your visit.

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