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September 06, 2010



I am honored that you posted a link to my essay. I have upgraded it with pictures, etc., and have corrected some errors.

Your comments are the most lucid and accurate of all who have posted about my essay.

Bless you.

von Gunten

I wonder, with all the conservative complaints of parishoners (and even some conservative clergy) ... There is often complaints of conservatives leaving the ELCA, I wonder about liberals that are chased, or even pushed, out of the ELCA - similar to former witch trials of olde... As you noted, it has nothing to do with theology.

John Petty

Thanks for the visit, David. I appreciated your article.

Todd, as Penni Walsh says, "All the people with a liberal bent have either already left or become pastors."

Nike Shox Rivalry

Write down my sincere blessing slowly, and let you know I care for you. Although we met in the network, although between you and me is not met with truly care but deep thoughts, feelings, and bless contain thick lightly of deep friendship with greetings friend. Wish happiness! All the best!

Brad Evans

Why bother with getting up on Sunday mornings early and pay to go sing weird songs? The European homelands of Lutheranism have shrunk away to nothing; why should their US cousins develop any differently?

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